The Marilyn Project

But what is the question?

What dynamic technique did art revolutionaries Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Fernand Léger all incorporate into their artistic creations in 1912?

What artistic format is a creative way to recycle discarded paper and objects?

What is a succinct way to say "More than the sum of it's parts?"

Beginning 100 years ago with Cubism, collage techniques were subsequently adapted and further developed by such art movements as Dadaism, Futurism, Surrealism, and Pop art. Contemporary artists continue to use collage as an additive technique that lends layers, textures, design, and content to their paintings.

The Story of The Marilyn Project

To commemorate the centennial of collage as a formal art element, members of the Atlanta Collage Society conceived of a large collage display. By overlaying a grid on an 8 x 10-­‐inch photocopy of Andy Warhol's Marilyn, an axial map was generated as a guideline for colors, lines, and shapes. The vertical and horizontal coordinates of the grid map defined a pattern of squares that corresponded to 841 three-­‐inch pixels. Individually, each collage pixel is a singular, complete work of art; collectively, they form a reinterpreted version of an American icon.

Originally based on Andy Warhol's Marilyn, The Marilyn Project highlights individualism. All of the volunteers who participated in the making of this eight-­‐foot-­‐square collage contributed their own artistic styles. These elements of self-­‐expression, creativity, and diversity continue to be central to the project's concept and execution.

Additionally, The Marilyn Project is a dynamic statement about community collaboration:

  • Three separate non-­‐profit arts organizations have worked in conjunction with one another to create a single cultural event.
  • More than sixty volunteers ranging from age seven to seventy -artists and non-artists, professionals and hobbyists, friends and strangers--have worked with one another to produce a single artistic entity.

So, what is collage?

It is, in its simplest terms, the process of gluing materials together to create a work of art.

What is The Marilyn Project?

It became an initiative for education and outreach, connecting a diverse group of people in a purposeful, interactive, and playful presentation.

Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn


The Atlanta Collage Society would like to thank the artists of The Marilyn Project:

Phyllis Abramson
Jacqueline Allison
Ajah Bailey*
Chery Baird
Penny Beesley
Vickie Bethel
Maggie Betnel
Arlene Brass
Joanne Breaugh
Jackie Brown
Leslie Burke
DeAnn Campbell
Alison Carlson
Lance Carlson
Marti Carlson
Kailyn Cash*
Charlinda Catchings
Chris Cawley
Tina Cirani
Diane Clark
Betsy Cozine
Mary C. Crawley
Jaynie Crimmins
Susan MacDonald
Mary Derbes
Veva Dunckel
Barbara Dunham
Eriana Ellis*
Tania Eubanks*
Diane Evans
Betty Farley
Ja Mon Foy*
LaBron Foy*
Jai' Querria Freeman*
France Gross
Joan Herring
Roxane Hollosi
Seth Hulsey
Kaliyah Johnson*
Savion P. Johnson*
Janet Jones
Gary Jucha
Helen Kirch
Nycole Latham*
Joan Lerner
Alaina Liddell*
Alaiya Liddell*
Mechi Lloyd*
Tiana Lovett*
Kathy Lussier
Cynthia S. Mack*
Vickie Martin
Bryant Matthews*
Joshua McCollum*
Katie McCranie
Deanna Morgan*
Robert Miller
John Morse
Nancy Moschis
Tali Olmi
Donna Orti
Jean Paddock
Angela Piper
Lee Ann Pittman
Donna Roubicek
Flora Rosefsky
Cory Seals*
Jan Simonton
Bryan Smith*
Ellen Kierr Stein
Dejanya Thomas*
Rogeria Thomas
Diane Urban
Joyce Vroom
Aliayah Williams*
Qwamarrii Williams*
Joseph Wilson*
Jackie Walsh
Aila Wartell
Aaron Whitmoyer
Weston T. Wilkins
Jay Wynne
Keionda Womack*

* Indicates Samuel L. Jones Boys & Girls Club of Decatur participant

Special thanks to:
Art Partners - High Museum of Art
Craig Miller Productions
MODA - Museum of Design Atlanta
Artists Atelier of Atlanta
Miller Zell, Inc.
Binders Art Supply